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Reporting JavaScript Errors To New Relic

With New Relic configured properly, unhandled exceptions will be handled and recorded by New Relic automatically. If you want to record a error manually while allowing your code to continue to execute, you can build a quick utility function.

Utility Function

// src/utils.js

 * Log an instance of an Error to New Relic.
 * @param error Error - The error to log.
 * @returns undefined
const logErrorEvent = (error) => {
  if (
    error instanceof Error &&
    window.newrelic &&
    typeof window.newrelic.noticeError === 'function'
  ) {

export { logErrorEvent };

The if in this function checks to make sure:

  1. Is the argument to error an instance of the Error class?
  2. Is window.newrelic defined?
  3. Is window.newrelic.noticeError defined & is it a function?


import { logErrorEvent } from './src/utils';

  .then(response => response.json())
  .then(json => {
    if (json.error.code) {
      logErrorEvent(new Error(json.error.code))
  .catch(error => logErrorEvent(error);